Recovery from rhinoplasty doesn’t need to be so difficult with these essentials. Nose jobs or rhinoplasty is a well-known form of elective surgery to reshape (make the nose smaller, larger, straighter) and modify the nose. Nose jobs are usually performed for cosmetic reasons but more often than not, they are performed to correct breathing and sinus issues.

As for any surgery, recovery and healing is the most difficult part. Taking care of yourself to heal better and quicker is going to be your priority after nose surgery. With these tips and hacks, you will be ready for any situation that may occur during your time of recovery.

1. Keep moisturized and minty fresh

lip balm
Lip Balm

In the early stages of recovery from rhinoplasty, you will feel that your lips are getting super dry. In order to not escalate this into having cracked, painful lips have a lip balm in hand. Make sure to keep one on hand so that it’s easily accessible after the surgery. The balm stick that you have won’t cut it while you’re mouth breathing! You need a greasy, heavy-duty one. Aquaporin or Vaseline also works. Evidently, you will be mostly breathing through your mouth during this time. Breathing through your mouth will cause you to suffer from dry mouth. So, to prevent this from happening, you should have mouth strips handy. Biotin spray is claimed to be lifesaving for dry mouth. Mouthwash is another option but mouth strips or spray might be easier to use.

2. Clean it out

Saline solution/spray
Saline solution/spray

Bleeding and swelling are very common after nose surgery. After few days of bleeding, the nose will get really dry with bits of dry blood. Your doctor will usually instruct you to use a saline solution or spray to rinse your nose and not have the clogged feeling anymore. 1

3. In the recovery from rhinoplasty you’ll need the right pillow

Pregnancy pillow for Nose surgery post-op
Pregnancy pillow for Nose surgery post-op

After the surgery, you are going to have to sleep/rest on your back with your head elevated on a couple of pillows for at least a week or so. 2

This is to minimize swelling of the nose and the face. A lot of patients have found that U shaped travel pillows make the upright position more comfortable. However, others have suggested pregnancy pillows because it props perfectly under your head while giving you the lift needed to elevate your head.

4. Recovery from nose job essential – Clean air

The white humidifier moistens dry air. Improving the comfort of post-op from nose surgery
The white humidifier moistens dry air. Improving the comfort of living in the home, apartment. Improving the well-being of people.

As mentioned above, you will have to breathe with your mouth for the first week of recovery and this will cause a lot of dryness. You need to steam up the room you are in order to avoid feeling blocked up in the nose and throat. Air humidifiers will also help with the dry lips and mouth. This is an essential post op necessity to make healing feel like a breeze.

5. Post – Op Meals

Pre-plan your meals. You can cook and freeze weeks’ worth of food before the surgery. You will thank yourself when you are unable to move much and have very little energy to think about your meals. Make sure to prepare foods that are soft and easy to eat. 3
Also have lots of snacks on hand, such as bananas and berries. Pick snacks that are healthy and soft.

6. Straws and fluids

Have reusable straws at home. It is going to be much easier to drink out of straw during the post-op recovery phase. Don’t forget to have access to as many liquids as possible. It is going to be easier to drink liquids than eat at times. Fluids will also help your body recover from the stress of the surgery. So have plenty of water available at home. You can also stock up on your favorite flavored drinks/juices/smoothies.

7. Keep moisturizing

Moisturizing face wipes
Moisturizing face wipes

You might’ve not considered this post up essential, but it’s an important one. When you are all bandaged up and in pain, it is going to be very difficult to wash your face or keep your skin from becoming flaky and dry. So purchase moisturizing face wipes and you can thank us later. It is going to make cleaning your face easier and will keep it from drying out.

8. #1 recovery from rhinoplasty advice is to RELAX

Last but not least post-op tip is to simply relax. This is going to be a stressful time so queue up movies and shows that you can binge watch. Get books or magazines that you can read while you’re resting in bed. And most importantly, don’t stress about the swelling and bruising too much. 4
It is normal and it is going to take time to recover so be patient. Stay positive – this will reduce your anxiety level which in turn will speed up the recovery process.

If you don’t want to go through any recovery time, you can give liquid rhinoplasty a try.